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Our Employees

Rich Armstrong, Chairman of the Executive Committee
Arlen Osterbuhr, Chairman & CEO
Rob Armstrong, President
Larry Wilcox, Director & Trust Officer
Scott Johnson, Vice-President
Lisa Mathews, Asst. Vice-President & Cashier
Cassandra Tomsen, Asst. Vice-President & IT Officer
Shari Carlson, Trust Officer
Donna Butler, Trust Assistant & Teller
Donna Brand, Loan Administration
Sarah Swanson, Loan Administration
Linda Butler, Loan Administration
Lisa Betty, Executive Secretary
Nancee Sinsel, Bookkeeping & Returns
Kelly Mills, Scanning Operations
Susan Fries, New Accounts
Tammy Ellis, Asst. Cashier, Vault Supervisor & Lead Teller
Brittany Zubrod, Teller & Operations
Christy Petersen, Teller
Amy Jacobitz, Teller
Lisa Levis, Teller
Natasha Peters, Teller
Brianna Kamler, Trust Assistant
Dawson Conyers, Part-Time Teller
Jean Hester, Part-Time Teller
Abigail Reith, Part-Time Teller 
Ashtian Nielsen, Part-Time Teller   
Alex Johnson, Part-Time Teller










(308) 832-1600

Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

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